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Susan Tolan
Occupational Therapist and Vocational Evaluator

Susan’s practice is confined to the area of vocational assessment for people who have experienced difficulty, or might experience problems in the future with their employment as a result of changes to their mental or physical function following an injury or illness.

The aim of the assessment is to identify whether it is possible for the person to return to their former job or their potential to work in different areas if it is not possible to return to their previous employment.

The assessment involves an interview that can last up to three hours but usually lasts between one and a half to two hours. Education and work history are covered in great detail and it is helpful if those attending for vocational assessment have prepared for it by gathering information on their education and previous jobs beforehand, for example if the person brings a recent CV with them it is generally of great assistance during the assessment. Tests may be administered and those attending should ensure that they have reading glasses with them if they need them for reading.

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