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Why have I been asked to attend Susan Tolan for a vocational assessment?
Vocational assessment is required to determine the loss of earnings element of a personal injuries court case. You will usually be asked to attend for a vocational assessment if your solicitor is making a claim for loss of earnings on your behalf.

How long will the assessment last?
The assessments generally last for one and a half to two hours but three hours are allocated for each assessment. The interview takes time as your education and work history are discussed in great detail and tests may need to be administered.

How do I find the office?
Use the Google map on the contact page. If you use SAT NAV to get directions please be sure to enter the full address as there is another Woodbine Park in Raheny, which is on the other side of Dublin and you will miss your appointment if you end up there!

Is the office wheelchair accessible?
No. If you use a wheelchair an alternative venue, which is nearby, will be used that is suitable for wheelchair users.

Can someone come with me?
Yes, if you feel more comfortable having a friend or family member with you during the assessment it is possible to be accompanied.

Is there parking nearby?
Yes, there is free parking beside the office.

Do I have to pay at the time of the assessment?
No, the fee will be paid by the solicitor or insurance company that requested the vocational assessment when the report is complete.

Is there a conflict if I have already seen Roger Leonard in the same office?
No. Roger and Susan work in the same area but their practices are completely separate and they have no access to each other's files. They frequently work on opposite sides of a case.

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